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  Prices excluding taxes* Including 5% VAT + Electric taxes + dto. Including 21% VAT + Electric taxes + dto.
Peak power term 36,383052 38,393216 44,24361
Off-Peak power term 12,342708 13,024643 15,00935
Term energy prices (€/kWh) with 20% discount also to consumption for new electricity contracts. 0,153000 0,1224 0,161453 0,129163 0,186056 0,148845

*Prices excluding taxes with a 20% discount on electricity consumption forever and with no minimum duration. This promotion is not valid in Ceuta and Melilla. For electricity, the electricity tax will be added (0.5% or a minimum amount of €0.5/MWh or €1/MWh, as applicable) and for gas the hydrocarbons tax (€0.00234/kWh). To the total you should add VAT (21% or 5% as appropriate), IGIC (Canary Islands 0% or 3%, and 7% as appropriate) or IPSI (Ceuta and Melilla: 4% or 1% as appropriate). The following regulated costs associated with the financing mechanism for the Social Bonus will be added to the prices: Fixed cost per customer (retailing) of €0.03845461/day (Mainland and Balearic Islands: €0.04057923/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and, in all other cases, €0.04676273/ day taxes included; Canary Islands: €0.03864689/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and for domestic clients, and in all other cases, €0.03980629/day taxes included; Ceuta and Melilla: €0.03903336/day incl. taxes. In the case of mainland supply points, the regulated cost of financing the cap on the price of gas used for the generation of electricity is also added to electricity prices, which together with other items means an additional regulated cost to finance this measure. This regulated cost will be included in the bill under «Cost for gas price cap RDL10/2022».