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With One Luz 3 Periodos, you will save money and your energy consumption will be organised into three different times:

  • Off-Peak Hours: these are the cheapest hours.

  • Mid-Peak Hours: these are moderately priced hours.

  • Peak-Hours: these are the least cheap hours and when you have to try not to consume a lot of electricity.

Electricity consumption schedules

Advantages of contracting with Endesa

If you are already an Endesa customer, you can also register so we can reward your energy efficiency.


Prices Tarriff One 3 periods

Prices for powers equal to or less than 15 kW

  Prices excluding taxes* Including 5% VAT + Electric taxes + dto. Including 21% VAT + Electric taxes + dto.
Peak P. term €/kW and year 36,383052 38,393216 44,24361
Off-peak P. term €/kW and year 12,342708 13,024643 15,00935
On-peak E. term €/kWh with 20% discount for new electricity contracts 0,210000 0,168000 0,221602 0,177282 0,268747 0,214998
Mid-peak E. term €/kWh with 20% discount for new electricity contracts 0,155000 0,124000 0,163564 0,130851 0,201864 0,161491
Off-peak E. term €/kWh with 20% discount for new electricity contracts 0,118000 0,094400 0,124519 0,099616 0,156870 0,125496

*Prices excluding taxes with a 20% discount on electricity consumption forever and with no minimum duration. This promotion is not valid in Ceuta and Melilla. For electricity, the electricity tax will be added (0.5% or a minimum amount of €0.5/MWh or €1/MWh, as applicable) and for gas the hydrocarbons tax (€0.00234/kWh). To the total you should add VAT (21% or 5% as appropriate), IGIC (Canary Islands 0% or 3%, and 7% as appropriate) or IPSI (Ceuta and Melilla: 4% or 1% as appropriate). The following regulated costs associated with the financing mechanism for the Social Bonus will be added to the prices: Fixed cost per customer (retailing) of €0.03845461/day (Mainland and Balearic Islands: €0.04057923/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and, in all other cases, €0.04676273/ day taxes included; Canary Islands: €0.03864689/day taxes included for power supplies less than 10kW and for domestic clients, and in all other cases, €0.03980629/day taxes included; Ceuta and Melilla: €0.03903336/day incl. taxes. In the case of mainland supply points, the regulated cost of financing the cap on the price of gas used for the generation of electricity is also added to electricity prices, which together with other items means an additional regulated cost to finance this measure. This regulated cost will be included in the bill under «Cost for gas price cap RDL10/2022».

Frequent questions

A time-restricted tariff is one where the price of electricity (kWh) varies depending on the time you consume it. If you prefer a tariff in which the cost of the kWh remains stable, the One Luz tariff is for you.
The objective of time restriction is to avoid spikes in electricity demand, benefiting those who consume electricity at off-peak hours when electricity production and distribution are cheaper.
If you are able to use the majority of your electricity in lower-demand hours (off-peak and mid-peak times), you will manage to save considerably on your electricity bill. Meanwhile, the price of kWh will be higher during peak times.

With tarifa One Luz 3 Periodos, there is no commitment to stay: you can unsubscribe whenever you want, without any penalty. However, the tarifa One Luz 3 Periodos contract has a duration of one year, renewable automatically.

The price may be updated on the first of January after contracting it, in accordance with the value of the real CPI (the latest general inter-annual Consumer Price Index officially published at the time of the update), as well as because of variations suffered by the current regulated components that are applicable to electricity and gas supplies, and with possible new changes that may be approved by law.
In case of updating with the value of the CPI, the year-on-year CPI for November, published on the website of the National Institute of Statistics (https://www.ine.es/) will be used. The update will be made by adding to the previous prices the result of multiplying the CPI by those prices. For more information, the year-on-year CPI for November 2022 was 6,8%, the year-on-year CPI for November 2021 was 5,5%, the year-on-year CPI for November 2020 was -0.8% and the year-on-year CPI for November 2019 was 0.4%.
If there are changes in the price of your contract, they will be transferred on to the customer both if they are upward or downward. This type of modification is regulated and completely beyond Endesa's control, applying equally to the entire country and to all companies.
In addition, the price may be reviewed one year after contracting. This would happen in April or October of each year. If there are any changes, we will let you know a month in advance. Remember that you can terminate the contract, contract another tariff from Endesa or any other company at any time.

Times for the access tariffs in Ceuta and Melilla.

The time slots for the energy consumed in Ceuta and Melilla have changed. They remain the same for the contracted power. Monday to Friday business days:
Winter and summer:

Off-Peak Hours: 12:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Mid-Peak Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Peak Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:

If you contract with Endesa you will get a 20% discount on electricity consumption forever and with no minimum duration.
The discount applies to new contracts for electricity and not to customers who change their electricity tariff.


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*Promotion valid until 16/10/2023 for new electricity contracts with Endesa Energía (2.0TD access tariffs). The 20% discount on electricity consumption will be applied indefinitely while the contract remains active with Endea Energía. We would like to inform you that when you subscribe to this new contract and meet the requirements to be eligible for the Social Bonus, then this will not be available for you. Nor can the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC) be applied.

(1)Customers who register for this promotion will be rewarded for possible reductions in consumption during the calendar quarters of 2023 and subsequently compared to consumption in the calendar quarters for a reference quarter that is established as the year prior to participation. Maximum discount: €150 per Challenge. Maximum savings discounted: 25% of your Reference Consumption. Legal Terms and Conditions Apply.