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  Prices excluding taxes* Including 5% VAT + Electric taxes + dto. Including 21% VAT + Electric taxes + dto.
Peak power term 33,080628 34,908333 40,227698
Off-Peak power term 8,196888 8,649766 9,967826
Term energy price (€/kWh) 0,187587 0,150070 0,197951 0,158361 0,228115 0,1824

Prices excluding taxes. For electricity, the electricity tax will be added (0.5% or a minimum of €0.5/MWh or €1/MWh, as applicable) and for gas, the hydrocarbon tax (€0.00234/kWh). VAT (21% or 5% as applicable) or IGIC (Canary Islands 0%, 3% or 7% as applicable) will be added. The regulated cost associated with the financing mechanism of the social rate will be added to the prices: Fixed cost per customer (commercialization) of 0.03671762 €/day (Peninsula and Balearic Islands: 0.03874627 €/day taxes included for powers lower than 10kW and, for the rest of cases, 0.04465046 €/day taxes included; Canary Islands: 0.03690121 €/day taxes included for powers lower than 10kW and domestic customer and, for the rest of cases, 0.03800824 €/day taxes included). For supply points on the mainland, the regulated cost for financing the cap on the price of gas for electricity generation will also be added as part of the additional regulated cost involved in financing the measure. This regulated cost will appear in the invoice as “Cost for cap on gas prices RDL10/2022″. If you are already a client of Endesa Energía, a change of tariff will involve adding this additional cost to your bill.